EXCLUSIVE: How Patrick Schwarzenegger and Chad Michael Murray Became Brothers on 'Scream Queens'

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Patrick Schwarzenegger and Chad Michael Murray are coming to Scream Queens, and only ETonline has the awesome story of how these on-screen brothers were cast in the hit Fox comedy.

By know you all should know Chad Radwell, the douchey, hilarious, and self-obsessed fraternity president of the Dickie Dollar Scholars, whom everyone wants to have sex with. Women, men, animals in the zoo, and plants (probably) all want to get with Chad.

So when we caught up with star Glen Powell at the Scream Queens premiere party on Monday, we were desperate to know more about the legendary Radwell family and how Schwarzenegger and Murray were cast to play his brothers.

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"Patrick Schwarzenegger is a buddy of mine and Chad Michael Murray is a buddy of mine," Powell spilled of his star-studded circle of friends. "So when [executive producer] Ryan [Murphy] said, 'Who would you want to play your brothers?' and I said, 'Both of them,' he cast them." Wow. Ask and Ryan Murphy shall deliver!

In fact, this impromptu casting conversation between Powell and Murphy was all done via text. "Actually, the text messages from Ryan and I are really funny," Powell laughed. "Because it's just like, 'Hey, what do you think of Patrick Schwarzenegger?' and he goes, 'Love him!' 'Chad Michael Murray?' 'Love him!' and literally that afternoon it was a done deal."

Powell confessed that he was in awe that Murphy was able to lock down the casting so quickly, but when you're the head of multiple hit TV shows, things move pretty fast. "Ryan Murphy has that power because he's obviously a titan of TV," he said.

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So what can fans expect to see from the three Radwell brothers this season on Scream Queens? "The Radwells are the greatest people that have ever lived," Powell said while clearly channeling his inner Chad.

We are already tingling with anticipation to see what it will be like to have so many egotistical narcissists in one scene, and luckily it should be too difficult to pull off since all of these actors certainly have some experience playing douche-tastic bros. Murray embraced his spoiled rich boy alter ego as Tristan DuGrey on the WB drama Gilmore Girls while Schwarzenegger portrayed a grunting frat boy in the big-screen comedy Grown Ups 2.

"I will tell you that Thanksgiving at the Radwells is kind of a terror but it'll be awesome." Powell added mischievously. "It'll be a bloody terror."

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.