Jessica Alba Admits Her Worst Beauty Blunder Ever, Talks Honest Lawsuit

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Although Jessica Alba is one of the most gorgeous stars in Hollywood, even she admits that she hasn't always made the best beauty choices. 

ET caught up with the 34-year-old actress on Thursday at her pop up store for her new beauty line for her Honest company, when she revealed the beauty trend she most regrets following.

"Oh Lord, so many," Alba laughed. "Skinny eyebrows, that was one -- I rocked that for a very long time. I was so into those skinny eyebrows."

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A picture of her at the 2001 TV Guide Awards proves her point -- though she obviously still looks gorgeous!

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The successful entrepreneur also admitted to following the notorious brown lipliner trend popular in the '90s.

"I did the same liner around the eye and the lip -- don't do that," she teased.

These days, the red carpet pro hardly ever gets wrong, and she shared one of the ways she gets her flawless skin. Remember this insanely creepy futuristic facial she Instagrammed earlier this month?! 

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"It's this new light mask that my facialist, Shani Darden, uses," Alba explained. "She said that it's good and I trust her. And I'm lying there on the bed at the end of the facial, and she puts it on."

Alba insisted that despite the dramatic snap scaring some of her fans, her skin definitely felt better than ever afterwards.

"Anytime I leave, it's weird, with her [Darden] I look better," she stressed. "Because you know how sometimes you get facials, you like, look a little busted after? Go to Shani, you look better."

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As for the lawsuit Abla's company is currently facing over their sunscreen, the actress remains optimistic. "I mean this is the most amazing thing in the last three years, to see me have this idea and have it turn into such an incredible brand I'm really proud of it," she said.

Watch the video below for more about why she believes in her brand so much.