Kylie Jenner Reacts to Tyga's Fiancee Comment, 'Dethrones' Kim Kardashian


Kylie Jenner joined Kim Kardashian for a selfie Q&A on her website, and it quickly became a confessional.

"You're in bed with Kim and Kylie!" the Keeping Up With the Kardashian siblings announced.

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First up, Kim admitted that even she was confused by Kylie's boyfriend Tyga using the word "fiancee" while recording a message on the 18-year-old's Snapchat.

Clearing up the new engagement speculation, Kylie responded, "He was making fun of an Instagram he posted 30 minutes before. He knew there was this guy who was on Instagram who was like, 'I don't like nobody. I just play with my fiancee and my little dog.'"

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Kim didn't stop there with the hard questions. Making her little sister blush, the 34-year-old reality star asked, "How do you feel [now] that you have dethroned me?"

When Kylie attempted to argue with Kim, her pregnant sister insisted, "I love it, I need some time off."

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But Kim isn't giving up her ranking that easily. "I mean, honey, let's be real you gotta put in a few years before you actually dethrone me," she added. "But I want to pass on the baton to you. Who better to pass on the knowledge to? You guys, I give her all the tricks. She is so, like, deserving. If I want to share my clothes, my tips, my glam squad, it is to King Kylie."

Showing a glimpse of sibling rivalry, Kylie then referred to her older sis as a "princess."

"C'mon," Kim responded. "I moved passed being just a princess a long time ago!"

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Kylie isn't just opening up to Kim. She also chatted with ET about the criticism over the monthly fees her sisters are charging for their website subscriptions, as well as the rumors that she's had breast augmentation surgery.

Here's what the youngest Jenner sibling had to say about her cleavage:

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