Joe Manganiello Is 'Very Protective' of Sofia Vergara: I Go Into Bodyguard Mode Around Her

Joe's got a whole lot of love for Sofia!

Joe Manganiello's days as a bouncer can sometimes come in handy!

The Magic Mike XXL star opened up to ET about his relationship with fiancee Sofia Vergara, and admitted that he does at times feel the need to protect her.

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"I'm very protective," said the 38-year-old actor. "There's times when paparzzi can be very unruly and very inappropriate and very intrusive."

"I was a bouncer and a bodyguard all the way through college and then into living in LA for a little while, and I go into that mode," he continued. "So everyone will wind up loving her, and they'll hate me, because I'm protecting her."

You tell 'em, Joe!

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The actor's comments were addressing jokes Sofia's Modern Family co-star, Eric Stonestreet, made at the 2015 Emmys about Joe and Sofia.

"I don't think any of us really mess with Sophia," Eric said. "We stay away... she's got a big tough boyfriend, fiancé. So we got to be careful!"

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For the record, Joe clarified Eric's remarks, saying that he doesn't turn on the bodyguard mode while on-set of the Emmy-winning ABC comedy, adding that Eric was just "goofing around."

Watch Eric say more funny things below!

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