EXCLUSIVE: Jessa (Duggar) Seewald On How Her Family Will Differ From Jim Bob and Michelle's

The 19 Kids and Counting star shares plans for her future with husband Ben Seewald.

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald is five weeks away from welcoming her first child into the world, and she couldn't be more excited. 

The 19 Kids and Counting star and her husband, Ben Seewald, attended the Southern Woman's Show in Orlando on Saturday, and an eyewitness tells ET that the parents-to-be opened up about their future together.

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"I know it's going to change our lives dramatically," she told attendees about what life will be like with a child. "It's going to be huge. [Ben and I] were just talking logistics of travel. Right now, we packed all of our stuff in a little suitcase for this weekend trip, and I was like, man, when you have a baby! Our friends have been warning us, 'You're going to have car seats and strollers and a huge bag for all the baby stuff -- diapers, and whatever, extra change of clothes in case something happens.'"

Luckily, the 22-year-old says that she only has to look to her mother, Michelle Duggar, to figure out her next steps.

"I think I have a great example in my mom," Jessa said. "She's such an amazing woman. She's so patient, so kind and loving and caring with all the kids. So, I really look to her as my role model, my example."

She and Ben are not planning to follow in her parents' footsteps exactly, however.

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An eyewitness tells ET that attendees at the Orlando show were encouraged to ask the newlyweds questions about Jessa's pregnancy, how they are preparing to be first time parents, the couple's wedding details and their favorite parts about being married.

"You going to name all your children with a certain letter?" one fan asked.

"We thought to ourselves, if we do that, we'll kind of limit our name selection," Ben, 20, replied. "We thought maybe we'll keep our options open."

The couple are keeping their options open in more than just name selection, as they've openly discussed their plan to adopt before, and continued to do so at the event.

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"We'd love to adopt. We're looking into that and trying to see what the process is, what the requirements are," Jessa said.

Despite the fact that they currently live close to Jessa's family, the couple is considering moving away from their home state of Arkansas, though they're not planning on leaving anytime soon.

"If Ben's seminary that he's looking into requires us to move, then we might eventually move," she explained.

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A source tells ET that the biggest question on everyone's minds was if Jessa will have as many kids as her mom, and she did answer with a definitive no on the subject matter.

Jessa's attendance at the show marks her second public appearance since the cheating scandal and subsequent rehab stint of her older brother, Josh Duggar, and she has been receiving a lot of heat for the controversy surrounding the Duggar family. While this Orlando event seemed to go smoothly, the Seewald's last appearance at the Southern Women's Show in Charlotte, North Carolina, wasn't quite as happy an affair. Watch the video below for more details.

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