Coco Austin Is 7 Months Pregnant and Has the Smallest Baby Bump We've Ever Seen

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What baby bump?!

Coco Austin is currently seven months pregnant, but you wouldn't know it by the looks of her. The 36-year-old model Instagrammed a picture of herself backstage at a Body Count concert this past Friday -- her husband Ice-T's heavy metal group -- when she shocked some of her fans with her tiny belly. Coco was also still sporting her signature high heels -- this time, sneaker-style Christian Louboutin stilettos -- and paired it with skin-tight white jeans and a loose-fitting sheer Guess blouse, that still managed to show off her cleavage.

"Chilling baby...I'm just chillin... Backstage at BC concert supporting my man..That’s how I roll..... #28weeks," Coco wrote.

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Some fans quickly voiced their concerns over her baby bump.

"What happened to the belly she showed the world a few wks ago the pic of her in the closet?" one user wrote.

"I sincerely hope your child is healthy," another user commented.

Coco also showed off her pregnancy figure on Sunday in a pair of high-waist booty shorts and a skin-tight tank top.

...And one week earlier, in hot pink leggings.

Earlier this month, Coco addressed all the chatter about her baby bump.

"So u ask where is my baby bump? Well, basically its going ALL to my boobs. LOL almost 26 weeks & there is still little sight of #babychanel," she wrote. "Again I feel so blessed to be breezing through the stages of pregnancy and hope it doesn't change. I do wear less heels but honesty my feet haven't given me problems yet!"

"Instead of working out 3-4 times a week I brought it down to maybe twice a week but then again fitness hasn't even been a priority," she added. "I don't really crave food that much and have only gained 5 pounds... I'm not usually a sweets person but I do crave a little at night right before I go to bed now and lastly she's kicking & moving around like crazy in my belly…I always joke, she's practicing her yoga!!"

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Last month, Coco caused controversy when she shared that she already got her unborn daughter high heels to wear out of the hospital. Watch below: