EXCLUSIVE: Jessa (Duggar) Seewald Keeps a Big Smile on Her Face as She's Asked About Josh Duggar

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Jessa Seewald is not easily rattled.

The 22-year-old reality star proved this on Saturday at the Southern Women's Show in Orlando, Florida, when, despite a tightly controlled atmosphere that prohibited any questions about her older brother Josh Duggar's latest headline-making scandal, a photographer managed to slip one through.

According to the Southern Women's Show website, guests were welcome to ask Jessa questions on her wedding to her husband, Ben Seewald, which took place last November, as well as life as a newlywed and her pregnancy. But it turns out they weren't allowed to ask them directly -- an eyewitness tells ET that fans wrote down questions, and organizers then picked out the questions that the on-stage host asked.

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"It was very controlled," the eyewitness says. "The people organizing it were obviously very concerned about any questions on the scandal.”

Still, this didn't stop a photographer from later directly addressing the scandal, asking as Jessa passed, "Just wanted to know how the family is coping with the latest scandal involving your brother? Possible to ask a few questions about this?"
Jessa simply smiled, but stayed silent.

This marks a big departure from how she publicly defended Josh after his first scandal, when he admitted in May to molesting five young girls -- Jessa included -- as a teenager.

"I do want to speak up in his defense against people who are calling him a child molester or a pedophile or a rapist, people are saying. That is so overboard and a lie really," Jessa told FOX News' Megyn Kelly in June. "I mean, people will get mad at me for saying that but I'm like, I can say this. I was one of the victims."

Jessa again proved she's distancing herself from Josh earlier this month, when she publicly sided with her father-in-law, Michael Seewald, when he called the embattled 27-year-old former lobbyist both a "pretender" and a "hypocrite" when it comes to his Christian faith, in an August blog post.

"Go to http://seewalds.com and read the post on the Ashley Madison scandal," Jessa surprisingly tweeted on Sept. 1.

These days, Jessa is looking forward to her own TLC special that will follow her and Ben as they prepare to welcome their first child in November. TLC canceled 19 Kids and Countingin July, following Josh's molestation scandal.

"We're going to be doing some filming preparing to welcome this little one into our lives," Jessa excitedly said at the Southern Women's Show of the recently-announced special. "It's gonna be great."

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