Chrissy Teigen Says Fights With John Legend Are Lame: 'Nothing Really Triggers Him'

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Chrissy Teigen's marriage to John Legend runs so smoothly that she sometimes has to fake a fight just to keep things interesting.

The 29-year-old supermodel shared with ET that her husband "doesn't get riled up very easily," and therefore their two-year marriage is pretty chill.

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"He's so calm. He just has a really good soul and a good heart," she gushed. "There's not really much that can go wrong when that is there -- nothing really triggers him or sets him off."

Teigen did admit that she knows how to push the 36-year-old R&B artist's buttons, but adds that they never really fight in their relationship. "The fights are always crap," she joked. "There's stuff that I just make up just to have a fight."

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Back in March, ET chatted with Legend about how comfortable he and his wife seem to be about stripping down on social media and beyond.

"We don't mind showing off our bodies," he said. "We just feel like there's no problem being natural and nude when you're with the right photographer and it's done the right way."

Check out ET's exclusive interview with the "All of Me" singer: