Watch Katy Perry's Onstage Standoff With a Fan She Thinks Is Rolling at Rock in Rio

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Well, Katy Perry got kissed by a girl. But we’re not sure she liked it.

The “Pearl” singer performed at Rock in Rio over the weekend and wanted to welcome to the stage a Brazilian fan. So, she picked “the girl with the smiley face t***ies” and unwittingly entered into a four-minute PDA standoff with a girl who was, maybe, according to Katy Perry, possibly, rolling.

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From the moment Rayane -- or “Raiaiaia” as Katy calls her, or #Raiaiaia as she is now infamously hashtagged on social media -- walks onstage, things got, er, intimate:


And then some...


“We need some water!” Katy hollers, as she informs the crowd she thinks the girl is rolling. For the uninformed, “rolling” is the state of mind in which one is high off their ass on ecstasy, molly, etcetera.


(Not that this particular girl necessarily was. That's just what it means.)

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Katy then attempts to learn a little Portuguese -- but mostly just learns that pizza in Portuguese is “pizza” -- before the two, naturally, must take a selfie together. Commence more kissing.


For the record, here’s the selfie they took:


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