Pope Francis Met With Kim Davis and It May Have Cost Him Some of His Cool Pontiff Points

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Pope Francis' rockstar papacy -- featuring more evolved takes on climate change, homosexuality, and contraception -- came crashing down for many of Francis' supporters on Tuesday, when it was revealed that during his U.S. trip, the pope took a private meeting with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, who was briefly jailed and made news recently for refusing to sign marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples wanting to tie the knot.

According to the Liberty Counsel, the non-profit group founded by Davis' attorney, the meeting took place last Thursday, when the pope told her, ""Thank you for your courage," adding that she should "stay strong."

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"I will. Please pray for me," Davis responded, when the pope reportedly gave the Kentucky clerk a rosary that he personally blessed.

Many were shocked and distraught over this meeting of two figures who, for some, existed in separate parts of their human comprehension.

"Nooooooo!!!!!! This makes me so angry! So everything he's preaching is a lie," actress Alyssa Milano tweeted, before conceding that she should withhold judgment for now. "You're right! I'll wait to pass judgement until we have a better understanding of what the meeting was about. Thank you, Twitter."

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Additionally, many on Twitter couldn't help but lament the meeting in a multitude of ways.

From reassurance that it's all still chill and breezy....

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To unfortunate conclusions...

To UNSPEAKABLY horrible conclusions...

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To that certain kind of despair you feel when you realize that Pope Francis might only actually be awesome in comparison to OTHER popes.

...We just wanted our dogs to go to heaven.

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"Our position about Miss Davis is quite clear," White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in regard to the meeting. "The president believes strongly in the rule of law and that's a principle that applies to those who are engaged in public service, starting at the level of the President of the United States but even going down all the way to the level of the Rowan County clerk in Kentucky."

"Religious freedom doesn't grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their basic constitutional rights," he continued.

Well, at least the nuns had a thrill. Watch the video below.