Kim Kardashian Reveals When Caitlyn Jenner Met North West

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Kim Kardashian is getting a lot more comfortable talking about her stepfather's gender transition.

In her guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs on Wednesday, Kardashian opens up to Ellen very candidly about Bruce Jenner's transition to Caitlyn Jenner. She reveals that even North West, her 2-year-old daughter with husband Kanye West, has met Caitlyn.

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"Yes, I brought North over for Mother's Day … no, it was Father's Day,” Kardashian says. "And I called and I said, 'You’re really inviting us over for Father's Day? Are you expecting a gift? You're not double dipping here. Are you Mother's Day or Father's Day? Like, you get one gift."

then chats with the 34-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star about the time she accidentally walked in on her stepfather dressed in women's clothing when Kardashian was about 21 years old.

"Maybe when I was about 11 years old I overheard my dad and his friends talking about Bruce cross-dressing and I always thought he was just being a hater," Kardashian says. "Like, you know, the new husband and he was just jealous and he made this up. So I totally let it go and didn't think anything about it again. And then when I walked in [on him in the garage when I was about 21 years old], I never would have known that was Bruce dressed up."

Seeing Bruce in women's clothing freaked her out a bit, and she tells DeGeneres that she immediately called her eldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, when it happened.

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"I was living with my mom at the time," she continues. "[Kris Jenner] was out of town visiting my grandma and so, he forgot I moved in, I guess, and was dressing up and it immediately clicked, like that is Bruce dressed up. And that's what my dad would always say. I just ran in and I was shaking and crying and I packed a bag so quick, ran out the front door and called Kourtney. I said, 'You have no idea what I just walked in on with Bruce.'"

Kardashian says that, at the time, they didn't know what it meant. She spent the weekend at Kourtney's house and the two sisters googled Oprah episodes, stumbling on a story about a transgender.

"It still didn't register that he was transgender," Kardashian says. "I don't even think he considered himself transgender at the time."

Even though it was shocking at first, Kardashian says that her dad's decision to transition into a female is not for her, or anyone, to critique.

"No matter if we don't understand, no matter if people think it's, ya know, this crazy concept, it's not really for us to judge," she says. "If that’s how Caitlyn wants to live her life, then I support it and I'm so happy for her and I'll try to do whatever I can to make it an easy transition for the other family members."

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"It's how we should all feel, about everybody," DeGeneres responds, followed by applause from the audience. "We should all support that way. That's beautiful."

Later in the show, DeGeneres lightens the mood by asking Kardashian about her second pregnancy. When Kardashian reveals that she and Kanye have yet to pick out a name for baby No. 2, DeGeneres tells her she is one step ahead of them.

"I have names," the 57-year-old host jokes. "Ok, Head. Head West. You could do Wild, or the Wild Wild. Um, Mid? Tito."

Watch the video below to see Kim's reactions to the hilarious suggestions.