EXCLUSIVE: 'Once Upon a Time' Scoop on Hook's Past, Jolly Roger's Return and Captain Swan's Future!


Captain Guyliner. Handless Wonder. Dashing Raspcallion. The most attractive pirate in the history of the world… (Okaaaay, fine! We might have made up that last nickname.)

If you couldn't already tell, we’re absolutely hooked on Colin O'Donoghue's character, Killian Jones, on Once Upon a Time -- and we know that you are too!

To celebrate, we're bringing you a Hook-centric article this week that's filled to the brim with exclusive season five scoop from executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis. So go on, walk the plank to find out what's next for your favorite pirate.

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Last week, we gave you a little teaser as to whether or not this season will follow Jennifer Morrison's cheeky tease to have Emma "suck [Hook] into the darkness" with her, and now it's time for the full answer!

"Well, that's an interesting thing to talk about because Hook is a person who has had much darkness in him," Horowitz explained. "And he has been around for hundreds of years battling that, and he has spent a large portion of that trying to kill a Dark One."

"Now, he's spending a large portion of his time trying to save a Dark One," Horowitz continued. "He's also a person who has flirted with darkness for a very long time, so seeing what Emma is going to go through is going to be a tricky situation."


Fans were devastated in the season four finale when Emma finally said those three little magical words, only to then sacrifice herself to the darkness. Now, it's time to explore The Dark Swan's internal conflicts between her love for Hook and her infatuation with evil.

"I think Dark Ones give into their darkest impulses and they are capable of love," Horowitz said. "But it's about the choices they make and the things that they do in pursuit of the things that they want."

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"Yeah, it's an interesting season," Kitsis furthered "The two people best equipped to help Emma fight the darkness are Regina and Hook. She's going to rely upon Hook and Regina to really guide her through what is going to be the biggest test in her life."

And for all those pirate lovers who are dying to discover more about Killian's mysterious past, we have some amazing news for you: "We are going to see that, most likely, in the second half of the season," Kitsis revealed. "We're going to see more of Hook's life." (Now would be a great time to get out your inhaler and just remember to breathe, Oncers.)

"With this season, we do plan to see more of Hook's life and his backstory," Horowitz added.

"But I think things about Hook's past that we've touched on -- whether it be his brother, or talking about his father -- those events in his life resonate in the first half of this season as well in a very important way."

And, of course, you cannot focus on a pirate's past without thinking about his ship. Kitsis confirmed that we will see the Jolly Roger again this season -- he's just not spilling when! "The Jolly Roger is where we last left it from the Ursula episode last year. It's in the harbor in Storybrooke," he said.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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