Miley Cyrus Kicks off the 'SNL' Season 41 Premiere: 7 Biggest Moments!


Miley Cyrus and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton helped kick off the 41st season of Saturday Night Live.

A source tells ET that Miley had a couple of meltdowns earlier in the day leading up to her hosting gig, but whatever happened, the singer pulled it together by the time things went live from New York, and delivered a pretty enjoyable show on Saturday night! Here are the seven biggest moments from the season premiere.

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1. Taran Killam nails Donald Trump impression.

During Weekend Update, Pete Davidson makes the argument that Donald Trump's candidacy for president was "funny at first," but has gone on too long! Maybe so, but with Taran's impressive turn as the presidential hopeful, we could definitely take a few more weeks of his candidacy!

2. Miley's opening monologue.

Miley wore a weird flower dress and shower cap thing, and the show got off to a rocky start when she used another groan-worthy weed joke (which had already played out well before her MTV VMA hosting gig), but then things picked up considerably when the "Wrecking Ball" artist switched to what she does best: singing!

The 22-year-old sang an ode to everyone and everything over the summer that we'll probably never hear from again, bidding farewell to Rachel Dolezal, the Cecil the Lion-killing dentist, Kim Davis, the guy who raised the price of the life-saving AIDS medication, the Entourage movie, Pizza Rat, the Meek Mill/ Drake feud, Lenny Kravitz's junk, the donut Ariana Grande licked, disgraced former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, and disgraced former 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar.

Woah! A whole lot happened, but Miley said bye bye to all of it in one musical monologue.

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3. Hillary Clinton the bartender!

Hillary got to not be Hillary for three minutes. She was Val!

Things got very meta when the former Secretary of State met Kate McKinnon's version of her likeness, showing a side of the 67-year-old we don't often get to see.

After the sketch aired, Hillary tweeted, "A vote for Hillary is a vote for four more years of Kate McKinnon's impression. #citizens"

"I love the impersonations of me, first by Amy [Poehler], who's a great friend, now by Kate [McKinnon]," she told ET on Friday.

"I've been on SNL before, and it is crazy," she admitted to ET. "You show up, and they're still writing it, and they're putting the airplane together in the air, and they're showing you what they want you to say and where they want you to stand, and then they say no they want it different."

"I love it because it's almost like a creative act that you're in the middle of and you're participating in, but you're also watching and learning from it," she added.

4. Taylor Swift Squad Goes Apocalyptic.

The only logical conclusion of Taylor Swift's ever-expanding "squad," as Aidy Bryant and Vanessa Bayer envision it, is a doomsday super squad that takes over all of humanity. Although, we've got to say, it doesn't seem so bad...

The takeaway is that with great #SquadGoals comes great responsibility.

5. Bye, bye Hannah Montana!

What started as a school dance reminiscent of the movie Grease, quickly turned into a rapping Miley Cyrus scaring new SNL featured player, Jon Rudnitsky, with the help of Kenan Thompson.

"I don't think she's been from Montana for a long time," the sketch joked, once again reminding us that Hannah Montana is way, way, way, way gone.

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6. Republican presidential candidates need Abilify.

"The only dementia medication, prescribed for 11 specific people," goes the commercial -- aimed at the comically large number of people vying for the Republican nomination for president. When we all know who the true president will be: Trump! (According to the commercial.)

7. Miley's performances.

Miley's two performances were a surprising highlight of the night.

First, after stepping out in a nude bodysuit that was 90 percent wig, the singer performed "Karen Don't Be Sad," off of her surprise album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, which we had to go back and listen to after how great it was live.

Later on, Miley cried while playing the piano for a surprisingly touching performance of her track, "Twinkle Song." It was a welcome reprieve towards the end of the show. And while Miley used the VMAs to launch her surprise album, the singer used this performance to announce a limited run club tour for the release, kicking off on November 19 in Chicago, Illinois.

What did you think of the SNL season 41 premiere?

Watch Secretary Clinton gush about SNL's impressions of her below.