'Duck Dynasty' Sex Ed: Jase and Missy Robertson's Romance Advice for Their Kids

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"I felt like I was playing that game, you know, where if you hit something, it buzzes?"

Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson is getting hilariously candid about his wedding night, as wife Missy Robertson chimes in. "Operation!" she declares with a laugh.

The couple opens up about their decision to stay pure until marriage in their new book, Blessed, Blessed... Blessed, out Oct. 6. In an early chapter, Jase compares the night of their wedding to "an exploratory biological experiment."

"Oh, that's what it was," he jokes to ETonline. "I thought in my mind it was gonna be this romantic getaway, but when both of ya are virgins -- I'm telling ya -- you gotta work together."

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Twenty-five years later, Jase and Missy are raising their three kids (Reed, 20; Cole, 17; and Mia, 12) to follow a similar path -- abstaining from sex until marriage -- but with methods that differ from how they learned about the birds and the bees from their own parents.

"We didn't talk about [sex] at all in my family," Missy tells ETonline. "I didn't figure out what to do physically until I was in high school. I just acted like I knew, because it was embarrassing that I didn't."

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But as fans of Duck Dynasty and, specifically, patriarch Phil Robertson, may guess -- Jase's upbringing was a little different.

"My dad, everybody knows he is one of the most blunt human beings on the planet," Jase prefaces, launching into his story.

"I came home one day from school and I asked my dad what STDs were, because I heard some chatter about it," he begins. "[Phil] went on this graphic, I mean graphic, naming -- I'll leave that part out. Basically, he was saying 'Look, here's what you do. You leave everything you got in your pocket 'til you get married. Then you won't have to worry about it.' The funny part is, I was 8 years old.

"He put a little fear in me about that, and I think that was a good thing," Jase adds, "but I wouldn't encourage to be that graphic when you're that young. But that's just my dad! He is very well intentioned, but he says some things that that he probably shouldn't."

So what message about love and sex do Jase and Missy hope to pass on to their kids?

"What we shared was beautiful, so we encourage that," says Jase. "I mean, look, we're not in their face about it, but they know how we feel about it. We have open conversations about that."

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Including, Missy adds, plenty of open flirting between she and her husband.

"I love that Jase talks about the way he feels about me in front of the kids," she gushes. "I want the boys to do that to their wives in front of their kids, and I want Mia to have that in her husband. Someone who really thinks that she's beautiful and tells her every day. And Jase does. He actually says I'm hot, even at this age."

(To be fair, Missy is in her 40s and looks just as gorgeous in person as she does on TV -- so we can't disagree, Jase!)

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"I'm a one woman type of guy and I've always been," Jase says. "I encourage my kids, I'm like, 'Look, when you date, don't waste your time. Look for somebody who you can spend the rest of your life with.' I think that advice has helped them out the most."

While Jase and Missy's newlywed years provide fun fodder for their book, the heart of Blessed, Blessed... Blessed is their youngest child, Mia, who was born with cleft lip and palate. The couple opens up about keeping their faith in the face of struggles, and how Mia's strength serves as a pillar of inspiration in their family.

"I really tried to be open and honest, even with my emotions, in the book, which is difficult for me," says Missy. "This is not just a book for us to say, 'Look at us!' This is a book that we can encourage other people and tell them, 'You can do this. It does not have to be devastating and overwhelming for you.' It may feel that way, but because hopefully of our example and our life and because of Mia's inspiration, we can give people that hope."

For more on Missy's book, watch the interview below.