Dina and Michael Lohan Reunite During Tense Sitdown for 'Family Therapy'

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Lindsay Lohan's parents Michael and Dina Lohan seem to always be at odds, but the estranged couple had to try and put their differences aside to live under the same roof for three weeks.

The experiment was for VH1's upcoming reality series Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn, and Dina admitted to ET that she had reservations about participating in the show.

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"I was so nervous to be here, but you cry a lot, you get angry, you yell, but it's real," Dina told ET. "It's actually real reality!"

We got a taste of the tension between the two exes when Dina asked if Michael had ever been to therapy before.

"That's why we are here, because as soon as a question is asked she's got to put it on me," Michael said. "It's all about her domestic violence when I was abused in a lot of ways too."

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There's been a lot of bad blood between Dina and Michael.

Dina has accused Michael of cheating and even raping her while their children slept. Michael has denied her claims, calling her allegations "defamatory" and claims that she has unresolved issues with alcohol and is an unfit mother.

Ironically, the Lohans' chase for fame, which has been blamed for tearing their family apart, could actually be the thing to save them.

"They are a family that would never get help not on television," Dr. Jenn Mann told ET. "I think it would be too heated. I think it probably wouldn't be safe. I think that they probably wouldn't be able to get through it without walking out."

ET witnessed some growth during the Lohans' sit-down interview.

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"I have really taken away from this that she has her own feelings and I don't have to respond to them," Michael said. "I loved her for 19 years. I still love her in a lot of ways now."

"That was very sincere," Dina responded. "I appreciate that."

Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn is coming soon to VH1.