EXCLUSIVE: 'Scream Queens' Stars Spill on Shocking Bathtub Baby Reveal and M.I.A. Zayday!


Oh, baby!

Things really started to heat up on episode four of Scream Queens as the Red Devil turned a haunted house into a hellish nightmare.

To help refresh your memories of what happened while you were too busy screaming your faces off, ETonline has your exclusive two-minute recap of all the Kappa craziness straight from the cast!

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"The baby story is definitely sort of the crux of Scream Queens, and in episode four, it's really about who had the baby," star Skyler Samuels dishes in the video above. "We see that the mom in the bathtub dies with the baby, but it's like where did the baby go?"

Cut to the end of the episode, when the audience discovers who might have had that baby, but the Kappa sisters still do not. "Gigi Caldwell is the hag of Shady Lane," Samuels spills. "Can you believe it? I was shocked!"

As for our favorite necrophiliac couple, Hester and Chad? "Hester and I go into this haunted house and she's like trying to find creepy places to do it -- the creepier the better." Glen Powell reveals. "And then we start to realize it's a lot more creepy than we thought."


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Umm… yeah! The house was full of all the Kappa killer's decomposing victims! (Who almost vomited when Hester poked a hole in Miss Bean's leg?)

But the biggest shocker of the night? "During the haunted house, Zayday gets kidnapped by the red devil and it is tragic!" Keke Palmer confesses.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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