Lance Bass Clarifies 'Inappropriate Touching' Comments: 'No One From *NSYNC Was Molested'

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Lance Bass wants to explain a few things.

After saying that he had received some "inappropriate" attention from "someone that we worked with" during his teenage years in the boy band *NSYNC, Bass is clarifying exactly what kind of "touching" he was referring to.

"I even knew it at 16, 17, that, 'This isn't right. No man should be touching a teenager like this,'" he said on his SiriusXM show, Dirty Pop with Lance Bass. "You know, where they kinda give you the massages and he always did the whole thing like, 'Oh, yeah, if I massage your bicep like this it'll look much bigger. Just basically a reason to touch someone."

But according to Bass, the touching never went further than that.

"No one from *NSYNC was molested that I know of," he said. "So, there was nothing more than inappropriate touching ... This is a serious thing for sure, sexual harassment."

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Bass still hasn't named the man he's accusing, but his latest comments echo nearly identical statements he's made about Lou Pearlman -- the impresario who created *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, and is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence for masterminding a major Ponzi scheme.

"He'd always grab our arms and feel our muscles and go: 'Hey boys, you workin' out? Yeahhhh!' " Bass told The Hollywood Reporter last year, adding that Pearlman never crossed a line with him. "We would hear things, for sure," Bass confessed. "He would always have young boy limo drivers for Trans Continental Records; those limo drivers would always be put into different boy bands. Then I'd hear rumors ... where there's smoke, there's fire." Pearlman has denied any allegations of inappropriate behavior.

Bass has definitely moved on from his boy band days, but the singer still keeps in touch with his fellow *NSYNC-ers. Get all the details behind his latest reunion with Justin Timberlake in the video below.