Meet 'The Originals' Newest Cop: 'Veronica Mars' Star Jason Dohring Talks Stepping Into Season 3!

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There's a new sheriff in town on The Originals!

Okay, fine -- he's actually a detective, who is blissfully unaware of all the supernatural creatures running around in the shadows of New Orleans, but we're still happy to welcome him to the smash CW series.

Jason Dohring, best known for playing heartthrob Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars, is suiting up and stepping into the dark drama as Detective Will Kinney.
To get you even more pumped for Dohring's debut in tonight's season three premiere, we sat down with NOLA's newest detective to get the scoop on how this human is going to shake things up.

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"I play detective Will Kinney," Dohring spilled in our ETonline lounge. "I'm sort of a smart, confident detective who has a very clear sense of what's right and what's wrong and is determined to get to the bottom of what's going on in New Orleans."

Ummm… you seem to be forgetting one huge character trait there, Dohring! "Oh right, I'm human!" he laughed. "I'm human which is cool because to be a human on that show is kind of a novelty really because there's so many of these underworld characters."

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For those who are hoping that Dohring will be teaming up with Cami -- aka one of the few humans actually roaming about NOLA -- you're in for a mortal treat.

"It's tricky because he winds up teaming up with Cami and Vincent, [and he and Vincent are] longtime friends and confidants," Dorhing dished. "Ultimately, they don’t want him to really discover what is going on in New Orleans but he's really trying to figure all that out."

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"He's not afraid to throw himself in harm's way and he winds up, in later episodes, getting involved in a terrifying situation as the investigation continues," he teased.

Although fans best know Dohring for playing one-third of the Veronica Mars love triangle, viewers should keep in mind that Det. Kinney is very different from Logan.

"They’re both played by me," Dohring smiled. "[But] it's totally different because when you play a detective, there's already something built in [to the character] that the guy has already seen a lot of damage."

So, what would happen if Will Kinney and Logan Echolls were ever in the same room together? "Oh, I think Logan would make fun of this guy, and this guy would wind up arresting him ultimately," Dohring mused.

Season 3 of The Originals premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.