Kylie Jenner Has Tyga's Mugshot Framed in Her House


How does an 18-year-old decorate her $2.7 million mansion?

With her boyfriend’s mugshot, apparently. Kylie Jenner recently posted a tour of her kitchen and living room on her app and website, and at one point, she turns to a shelf with some pictures on it and explains, “I have a few pictures. This is my grandmother when she was my age. This is...a mug shot.”


It is indeed Tyga’s mugshot from 2012. According to TMZ, the rapper was “was initially flagged on a routine traffic violation,” but was booked after “cops discovered the warrant stemming from 4 other traffic incidents.”

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It’s a design aesthetic Kylie seemingly stole from her sister, Kim Kardashian, who at one point had Khloé’s mugshot framed in her home. (Proud mom Kris Jenner also had Khloé’s mugshot framed on her office desk.)

“Isn't she sweet?! LOL” Khloé once tweeted when a fan asked her about it.

Other revelations from Kylie’s house tour include her house being entirely black and white, the fact that she likes to eat organic (“I try to get everything organic. Being organic is really important.”), her favorite snack is frozen grapes, and she has a breakfast room she hasn’t used once but, “I think it’s really cute.”

Now, find out what Kylie has to say about rumors that she wears butt pads:

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