9 Reasons You Should Get Excited About Marvel and Netflix's 'Jessica Jones'


Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil is an undisputed success, so it’s not surprising that fans are clamoring for season two. Over the weekend, New York Comic-Con goers were treated to a season one sizzle reel, capped off with a first look at the next season and the two iconic characters who will join the show: Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) and Elodie Yung’s Elektra. It looks AWESOME…

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BUT we don’t want to talk Daredevil -- yet. Not when we’re so excited for the second in Marvel’s five planned superhero series on Netflix: Jessica Jones. Here are nine reasons you should be counting down the days till it premieres:

1. Finally, a Female Superhero:
Years before Evangeline Lilly’s The Wasp becomes the first female superhero to title a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie -- Ant-Man and the Wasp -- Jessica will become the first female hero in the MCU to lead…anything. And what a complex, badass, hilarious, flawed, edgy precedent she will set.

2. Created by a Female Showrunner:
While Jessica Jones, the comic book character, comes from the minds of Brian Michael Benis and Michael Gaydos, she is being brought to TV by Melissa Rosenberg(Dexter, Birds of Prey, and yes, The Twilight Saga movies), with female director S.J. Clarkson (Heroes, Orange Is the New Black) helming the first two episodes.


3. Surrounded by Female Costars:
The most exciting news out of NYCC was finally learning who Carrie-Anne Moss is going to play: Jeri Hogarth. Hogarth is a character many casual Marvel fans are probably not familiar with -- a brilliant lawyer closely associated with Heroes for Hire -- especially now that she’s been gender swapped. In the comics, Hogarth is a man named Jeryn.

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4. David Tennant Is Bad, Bad, Bad:
You loved him as The Doctor on Dr. Who, now you will love to fear him as Jessica’s nemesis, Kilgrave. A recent teaser includes a hauntingly creepy voiceover by the so-called Purple Man, which only makes us more excited to meet him in the flesh:

Especially after Marvel’s Head of Television, Jeph Loeb, likened Tennant’s take on the villain to Vincent D'Onofrio’s version of Wilson Fisk in Daredevil. “There’s going to be moments where some of the things that [Jessica] does are pretty questionable,” he told us. “And some of the things that, when you learn about Kilgrave’s characters and the way that David Tennant plays him, it’s really extraordinary.”

5. This Super Has Powers:
Daredevil is cool and all, but his superpower is really just heightened senses. Meanwhile, Jessica has actual super strength and, sometimes, the ability to fly. Avengers: Age of Ultron introduced newer, weirder superpowers into the MCU via Scarlet Witch’s (Elizabeth Olsen) mind control and Quicksilver’s (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) super speed; now let’s see what Jessica’s got.

6. Imagine the Fight Scenes:
That aforementioned super strength is all the better for Jessica to kick your ass with. Daredevil’s fight sequences not only set the bar for fight scenes in Marvel shows -- that hallway fight in episode two? Iconic – but for all of TV. The fact that it didn’t get recognized with an Emmy nomination is a gross oversight. Still, we can’t wait to see how Jessica Jones attempts to match them.

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7. Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby:
Daredevil may have introduced the darkest, grittiest, and certainly the most violent corner of the Marvel universe thus far, but it still remained fairly chaste when it came to sex. Has any hero in the MCU ever done more than exchange a few mooning looks and maybe a kiss?

According to Vulture, Jessica Jones unleashes Marvel After Dark, and features the studio’s first explicit, apparently doggy style sex scene. Loeb previously told ET, “Jessica Jones was based on a much more adult comic...She has real problems with a number of things that she abuses! And we’re not shying away from that. There’s no tidying her up.”


8. The Unlimited Potential of the Supporting Cast:
There’s Rachael Taylor, who plays Jessica’s best friend, Trish Walker, a character better known in the comics as Patsy Walker and best known as the superhero, Hellcat. Will we see her don a super suit before the season is out? Then there’s Wil Traval, who just announced that he plays Will Simpson, a character many are assuming is connected to Frank Simpson, aka the psycho super soldier Nuke. Perhaps Kilgrave isn’t the only baddie in Hell’s Kitchen?

And lest we forget Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple, who Melissa Rosenberg confirmed to ET will return in Jessica Jones, becoming the connective tissue that holds Marvel’s Netflix Universe together.


9. Because Luke Cage:
The third piece in Marvel and Netflix’s partnership is a Luke Cage series, but we will first meet Mike Colter’s Power Man here. And honestly? There is already so much to be excited about for Luke Cage -- like Alfre Woodard (probably) playing Black Mariah – that Jessica Jones will kind of be like a Buy One, Get One deal.

All 13 episodes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones premiere on Netflix on Nov. 20.

In the meantime, go behind the scenes on the first season of Daredevil:

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