Ariel Winter Shows Off Body in Nude, Skintight Dress Following Breast Reduction

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Ariel Winter
looks like she feels better than ever.

The 17-year-old Modern Family star underwent breast reduction surgery in early June -- going from a 32F bra size to a 34D -- and seems more confident than ever in this picture she posted with boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette at a recent wedding.

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After posting the photo, Winter wanted to make two things clear: First, that her dress isn't white. It’s nude. “I would never, ever wear a white dress to a wedding that's not my own,” she wrote on Twitter.

The next was a bit more personal. “I'm a human being. Some comments hurt,” she tweeted. “But luckily I'm strong enough to handle it- unfortunately, I know others out there who deal with online bullies as well- for those victims just remember you are wonderful and don't let other people's words define you. We're all beautiful, and they don't deserve our time.”

“Women are allowed to wear whatever they feel comfortable and confident in, and we should never ever be judged based on appearances,” she concluded. “ALWAYS be confident, and ALWAYS love yourself no matter what anyone else says. I feel so grateful for all the love I have in my life, and I will always work to spread love instead of hate.”

Meanwhile, Winter’s plastic surgeon talks to ET about bullying and the rise of teen cosmetic surgery:

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