EXCLUSIVE: 'The Flash's Teddy Sears Spills on Jay Garrick's Relationship With [SPOILER] and Who Would Win in a

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WARNING: We're about to discuss the most shocking moments of episode two, "Flash of Two Worlds." If you have not seen the latest episode of
The Flash, speed out of here ASAP!

After just 42 minutes, The Flash's world as we knew it will never been the same.

Episode two, "Flash of Two Worlds," was jam-packed with iconic DC Comics mythology, and introduced our Central City heroes to the term we've been waiting more than a year to hear: multiverse.

Now that we're armed with the knowledge of alternate universes, and the fact that Earth-Two's Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is alive and incredibly beloved, it's time to look forward to what's next. So we called up Teddy Sears -- a.k.a. our other Flash, Jay Garrick -- to get the exclusive scoop on what's next.

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We saw in the very end of episode two that Harrison Wells is alive and well on Earth-Two. How well does Jay Garrick know Harrison Wells?
Oh, they have history! They definitely have history, which we'll be fleshing out in the episodes to come -- not many episodes from now, actually. That's all I'll say. They certainly know one another because prior to Jay getting the speed force, he was a prominent scientist and Harrison Wells is in that community as well. He's also a known figure on Earth-Two because of that, so we're going to be fleshing that out as we move forward, but he absolutely knows Harrison Wells.

Thanks to yourFlash cheat sheet, we know that there are 52-Earths in the DC multiverse, and after episode two, we know there are 52 portal breaches throughout Central City. Does this mean that each breach is connected to a different Earth?
So the writers haven’t specified whether breach 12 goes to Earth 12, but that would be so cool to think about, right? Actually, I had never ever considered that before! But they did choose the number 52 as a nod to the 52 different Earths in the multiverse. Some breaches are bigger than others, some are located underground, some are located up in the sky. It's all very fun and very, very cool.

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We saw that it took Barry a long time to believe that Jay was telling the truth. Now that he has Barry's trust, what's the relationship between the two Flashes going to be like moving forward?
Jay finds himself as kind of a regular member of the S.T.A.R. Labs team. He gets along well with everybody, and he becomes a trusted part of the group in helping to rid Earth of all the bad guys and solve problems. So it's safe to say that after episode two Jay wins Barry's trust and they just move forward as a team from there.

Will we see Jay get his Speed Force back while on Earth-One?
Oh God, I hope so! I'm not sure what the writes have in store honestly, and as an actor I try not to ask too many questions. They hand me a script and I say, 'Oh, cool! This is what I'm doing this week!' but I hope so. That's a question I don’t get that often, but I do get asked who do you think is faster?

Well, who do you think would win in a race: Barry or Jay?
I don’t know! I mean Barry Allen is a young pup and I've got some years on him, so I would wager the youngin' might take it, but I don’t know. I would love to get there and see it for myself because that would be really fun.

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