EXCLUSIVE: Who Is the Red Devil? The 'Scream Queens' Spill Their Latest Killer Theories!


Welcome back, you stupid dugongs.

By now you should know that these Scream Queens recap videos are our jam -- just like "Waterfalls" and pumpkin spice lattes. (Just remember, NO foam should ever touch your favorite autumnal treat!)

Our latest exclusive edition of "Scene Queens" is all about Tuesday night's sensational fifth episode, "Pumpkin Patch," and the fact that we're getting closer and closer to unmasking the Red Devil.

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"You definitely figure out in episode five that, you know, the Red Devil has a little thing for Zayday," Keke Palmer dishes of her character's irresistible "chocolate swirl."

Now that we've uncovered this key piece of information, Skyler Samuels is putting on her detective hat -- because God knows she has enough hats! -- and dishes on her top two suspects.

"Is it Earl Grey? Or maybe its someone else, like, what if it's Pete?!" Samuels gasps. "It could be Pete and he's just using Grace to get to Zayday. See? There are so many conspiracy theories on this show."

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