Justin Theroux Reveals Jennifer Aniston's Big Fear

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Justin Theroux is loving married life with Jennifer Aniston, but admits that one of his hobbies scares his new wife.

It seems the 46-year-old actress has a big fear of motorcycles. "She's gotten on like three times, but she's done with it," Theroux told Ellen DeGeneres on her Wednesday episode of her show. "She doesn't want to do it anymore."

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When DeGeneres pointed out that motorcycles can be very dangerous, The Leftovers star said, "[Aniston] does not like it. She doesn't feel in control sitting behind someone driving fast on a motorcycle, which I understand. I wouldn't want to sit behind someone."

The talk show host was a guest at Theroux and Aniston's August wedding, and couldn't believe they were able to keep it a secret as long as they did. Instead of inviting their friends and family to a wedding, they instead sent out invitations to celebrate Theroux's 44th birthday, which was a few weeks later.

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"We thought, 'We're gonna tell some people this and some people that.' ...We kind of realized that was a terrible plan," he said. "You're basically telling half your guests, 'You're unemployed and we can’t trust you.' Which is, of course, not the case."

Theroux added, "We just sort of put it out there. ...If they said, 'we can't,' we really put more pressure on them to be at the 'birthday.'"

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DeGeneres joked that some guests really had no idea they were attending a wedding. "You could spot the ones there that didn’t know [because] they were in flip-flops and jeans," she quipped.

"There were people there who were just in jeans," Theroux recalled. "We also have friends when we’ve done barbecues show up dressed to the nines. Like, 'This is the thing, right?'"

Just days after the couple's top secret wedding, ET chatted with Aniston about her big day. Still beaming, the A-list actress said, "We had the beautiful luxury of having a beautiful private moment..."

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