Meet Robert Irwin, Bindi's Animal-Loving Little Brother

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While Bindi Irwin has been wowing the crowd on this season of Dancing With the Stars, she’s had two very special cheerleaders: mom Terri and her 11-year-old brother Robert.

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Robert and Terri are currently living in Los Angeles, California while Bindi competes on the show, and Robert recently opened up to ET about how different life in L.A. is from back home, where the family live on the grounds of Australia Zoo.

"Well in Australia, we literally live inside of a zoo," he said. "So, we've grown up in a zoo and every morning we wake up to the sound of tigers roaring, and lemurs scratching. And it's such an incredible experience."

That’s not to say there isn’t any wildlife in L.A., Robert assured.

"We have the hummingbirds which have been coming to our veranda, and we found woodpeckers and squirrels," he said. "So it's not quite tigers but it's still a lot of fun."

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Robert’s appearances on the show have attracted attention from girls who find him totally adorable, but the 11-year-old just laughs it off.

"I'm a lot more interested in wildlife at the moment," he told ET. "I would much rather go over and hug a crocodile."

However, Terri and Bindi chime in, common interests might be the way to Robert’s heart.

"Get into paleontology and you'll be set!" said Bindi, in typical big sister fashion. "That is the way into Robert's heart. If you love dinosaurs, if you love photography, you're set."

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Robert was just two years old when his father, Steve Irwin, passed away, but the family says they keep his memory alive with home movies and stories.

"We always tell stories and we watch Dad’s DVDs," Bindi said. "And mom was so kind to take so many home movies, so we have all these home movies that we watch. It's those memories that just mean the most and it's focusing on all the happiness and good times that we had, and that we shared."

"We're also very lucky because through all of dad's amazing documentaries we basically have our life on TV," Robert added. "So all we have to do is put the DVD in the DVD player and rewind and press play and we can relive these amazing memories. So we are very, very lucky in that respect."

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