EXCLUSIVE! 'The Walking Dead': Will Maggie and Glenn Survive Season 6? Star Lauren Cohan Teases 'Huge Changes'


The Walking Dead is back, and season six is already shaping up to be the most adrenaline-pumping year yet!

"To me, it is the mission impossible season," star Lauren Cohan spilled to ETonline of the upcoming episodes. "In terms of action and adventure, and as well as all of the gore and the emotional depth that we go to, it's just like we just turned up the dial."

We caught up with Cohan who was partnering with Courtyard at New York Comic Con for a live Q&A panel and she gave us an exclusive look into the mind of Maggie as she struggles with her leftover grief and fights to maintain the safety of their newfound home.

And could this be the season of Glenn's demise? Cohan spills on the "stressful" scenes ahead and if Maggie could endure the pain of losing her husband.

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ETonline: It's clear that Maggie has been learning a lot since arriving in Alexandria, what does her journey look like this season?
Lauren Cohan:
We really get to see Maggie grow this year. She has been gleaning lessons along the way and trying to find her purpose. From meeting with Deanna, she understands how she can combine diplomacy, the physical strength and the kind of instinctual survival that they've grown into as a group. It's going to be a really fun season that's not going to come without obstacles and a lot of challenges. As they all continue as one they really, really, really get down to the core of who they are and what it takes to survive.

Death is unavoidable on The Walking Dead. Do you find yourself speeding through each script just to make sure that Maggie is alive?
I don’t read them for speed for that reason. I read them fast because I cannot wait to see what is happening and what our writers have created. We have conversations about that beforehand so we don’t find out on the page about death. That would be too stressful!

Maggie has suffered the most heartbreak of the group, especially after Hershel and Beth's deaths. Will we see her dealing with her grief this season or has she come to terms with their passing?
She is trying to hold on and make the best of what we have now, because she knows how precious life is. Safety is huge, and Alexandria represents this potential for a better life, and I think that the grief of losing Hershel and Beth has driven her to figure out what she needs to do to make a safer home. That's what she's learning from Deanna, that's what she learned from Hershel, and that's what she kind of puts into her marriage with Glenn and with this group that is now her family.

You can't turn back the clock. You can't have made yourself found your sister sooner. You cant change anything that already happened, but you can still live and to make it through all of that. You can't give up now. To have already been through what they've all been through together it's like the stakes are even higher to hold on and to survive.

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Glenn has escaped death on this show more times than I can count and it gives me severe anxiety every time he's on a mission. How is it for you as his on-screen wife?
It is so stressful! And we definitely see that continue to happen this season, but she can't fight it. It's like, to grow into a mountain, you have to climb it, and that's his strength, and we each have to continue to take risks. That's a big theme for Maggie and Glenn as a couple and Maggie and Glenn individually this year: realizing that sometimes you can't do everything you want to do, and you can't be as impulsive or risk-taking. But in the same token, who's going to get this done and who's the best person for this job? Glenn has proven himself to be one of their greatest strengths, but there's so many things that happen this year and there's so many huge sweeps and changes.

Do you think Maggie would ever be able to survive it if she lost Glenn?
We have to keep going no matter what. I think what's happened is this sense that you aren't just living for yourself anymore -- you're living for the people around you. I don’t think she thought she could survive it after she lost Beth, but something higher -- her God of whatever demonization -- is just something that keeps her going and I think that's the human desire to survive. But I really hope we don’t have to answer that question this year.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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