Sandra Bullock on Teaching Louis About Racism, Sexism and Homophobia: 'He Fully Understands What That Means'

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Sandra Bullock doesn't shy away from difficult talks with her son.

The Gravity actress revealed in a conversation with BET on Monday that although Louis -- who Bullock adopted in 2010 -- is just 5 years old, she's already made sure he's aware of prejudice in the world.

"Absolutely, it's an open conversation we have," Bullock said in response to a question about whether she was preparing Louis for prejudice, that, as a person of color, he may need to be aware of. "He fully understands what that means."

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"He doesn't understand why people judge each other based on color of the skin, but he knows that they do," she continued, adding, “He also knows there's sexism, he knows there's homophobia."

"I think if you don't start the conversation very early on, you're doing them a disservice.," Bullock explained. "I want him to know that I did my best, as his mom, to educate him on the ugliness in the world, and also the beauty."

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Bullock told ET at the Minions premiere in June that her son is constantly surprising her, and stressed how much she loves him.

"I mean, like people go, 'Your adopted son.' I go, 'Please don't say that. He is my son!' I would give my life for him," she said.

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And, in October, Bullock told Glamour that she credits motherhood and divorce, with giving her a new outlook on life.

"I literally went, 'I know who I am,'" Bullock said of her divorce from Jesse James in 2012. "Not completely. But about two years ago all the puzzle pieces came together. I went, 'This is who I like. This is who I am.'"

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"Motherhood and divorce -- and not just divorce but the onslaught," she said, adding, "I let it affect me. I heard it all. And I had to step back and go, 'I have the greatest gift in little Louis, and I’m gonna let him see the woman I want him to know.' So a child forces you to get your sh*t together. In the best way."

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