EXCLUSIVE: 'Scream Queens' Stars Spill on That Sexually-Charged Kappa Sleepover!


Even with a crazed murderer on the loose, the Kappas still know how to throw a killer slumber party!

In this week's all-new episode of Scream Queens, "Seven Minutes in Hell," our new co-president Zayday "Something" decided to throw a bonding night with her sisters. (And even though it ended up being the deadliest episode yet, we'd say that the pajama party was still a huge hit!)

"There are two things that always happen at a slumber party," Zayday explains in our exclusive "Scene Queens" recap above. "Someone experiments with lesbianism, and secrets are revealed."

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So what was their first activity before the Red Devil bloodshed? A kiss-tastic game of spin the bottle, even though -- as Chanel put it -- there were "exactly zero wangers" in their pecking pool.

Scream Queens
Fun Fact: One of our Kappas -- Chanel #3 to be more specific -- filmed her first on-screen smooch in Tuesday's episode.

"I actually had my first on-screen kiss ever and it was with my dear friend Sam," Billie Lourd confessed of kissing her co-star, Jeanna Han.

Press play on our exclusive video above to get the scoop on the most shocking deaths of the night!

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