Vin Diesel Doesn't Care About 'Dad Bod' Shamers: 'I've Had the Best Body in New York City for Decades'

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Vin Diesel
doesn't care about body shamers. Why would he? According to the Furious 7 star, he's still got the most killer abs imaginable.

Sitting down with Complex while promoting his new fantasy action flick The Last Witch Hunter, the 48-year-old action star opened up about his formidable physique and made it very clear that there is no insecurity when it comes to his looks.

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"I'm OK because I've had the best body in New York City for decades," Vin boasted. "There is no love lost there for me."

Earlier this month Vin was photographed while stepping out shirtless on a balcony, and it seemed that he had lost some of his famous muscle tone.

Body shamers were quick to poke fun at Vin, but the Fast and Furious star responded with an Instagram pic showing off his super-ripped torso and took his haters to task, calling them out for mocking his "dad bod."

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Vin told Complex that he understand people's fascination with his "dad bod," and explained that he gets why people would think he may have gotten out of shape.

"I get it, you know? I mean, A) I don’t have to be in front of the camera for a couple months, and B) I really am a dad," said Vin, who welcomed his third child, daughter Pauline, in March. Vin and his long-time girlfriend Paloma Jimenez share two other children as well -- 7-year-old daughter Hania Riley and 5-year-old son Vincent Sinclair.

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Dramatic body changes are routine for Vin, who has played characters that are insanely buff -- such as his title role in Riddick or Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise -- or out of shape and balding -- like when he played real-life mobster Jackie DiNorscio in the 2006 courtroom dramedy Find Me Guilty.

"I would rather have the type of body that can comply to a certain role," Vin explained. "For [The Last Witch Hunter], the director didn’t believe that there were Gold’s Gyms in the 13th century and didn’t want me to work out. So this character won’t be as chiseled as Riddick, and I am going to be making films long after I grace the covers of Men's Fitness."

The Last Witch Hunter
in which Vin stars opposite Elijah Wood, Rose Leslie and Michael Caine, hits theaters Oct. 23.

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