Daniel Craig Shuts Down Reporter in Awkward TV Interview

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Here's a tip for entertainment reporters in the future: Daniel Craig doesn't take requests.

This would have been helpful information for U.K. showbiz reporter Sarah Powell, who was recently part of a super uncomfortable interview with the 47-year-oldSpectre star.

Things were going as well as press junket interviews can go until Powell, a reporter for ITV’s This Morning, asked the star to do the "Daniel Craig pout."

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When Powell first asked, Craig politely declined, tried to laugh off the question, and said that he wasn't quite sure what "pout" face she was even talking about. In response, Powell went into great detail about what facial expression she was referring to.

Not taking the warning signs, Powell continued to push the star until he finally firmly informed her, "I think you need to move on."

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Taking the hint, Powell did move on -- to wondering why Craig didn't get naked for the new Bond film, and asking ,"Has James Bond gone shy?"

"He’s going shy now,” Craig responded.

There's nothing quite like alienating an A-list star with bizarre and inane questions.

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This was an awkward interview even by the Spectre star's standards -- and this is an actor who recently told TimeOut that it was "ludicrous" that he was ever cast as the iconic spy, and he'd "rather break this glass and slash my wrists" than shoot another James Bond movie anytime soon.

Check out the video below to hear some more of Craig's brutal honesty about the challenges of playing 007.

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