Vin Diesel Enlists Ronda Rousey to Train His 7-Year-Old Daughter to Become a 'Beast'

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Vin Diesel is working on empowering his 7-year-old daughter, Hania Riley, early on in life.

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actor revealed that he asked UFC champion Ronda Rousey, who co-starred with him in Furious 7, to teach his little girl judo so that she'll be a "beast" one day.

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"First of all, I feel sorry for anyone that has to (date my daughter)," Diesel admitted when speaking with WENN. "I wouldn't want that on my worst enemy because I'm just that kind of dad."

This is why Hania is getting some tips from Rousey. "I've been thinking about this since the day I cut the umbilical cord, and because of that, I made a decision early on that I was going to do everything in my power to empower her to handle it herself," the 48-year-old actor said.

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Thanks to her 'auntie Ronda Rousey,' Hania already has an orange belt with stripes in judo. "I'm dealing with it early," Diesel added. "I'm creating a beast, and I want her to be able to say 'No means no.'"

Hania really couldn't have a better fighting instructor. Rousey's martial arts skills have earned her a bronze medal at the Olympics, and has helped her become one of the highest paid fighters in the UFC organization.

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Still, Rousey gets a little star struck when Beyonce calls her out at a concert. Queen Bey has used the 28-year-old athlete's inspiring "do nothing b**ch" speech during her performances, and that thrills Rousey.

"To be honest, it's a honor to have a real powerhouse of a woman like Beyonce just recognize my existence," she told ET. "Such a huge compliment, I couldn't be more grateful."