Josh Hutcherson 'Excited' to Move Beyond 'Hunger Games' With DJing and Filmmaking

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When Josh Hutcherson decided to make a short film, he
didn't have to mount a wide search to find his female co-star: He leaned on his
Hunger Games buddy, Jena Malone.

“I couldn’t believe she said yes,” Hutcherson told ET.
“I texted her and said, ‘I’m making a short film with Ron Howard. Do you want
to do it with me?’ I told her the date. She said, ‘I’m totally in.’”

The two play brother and sister in The Rusted, which is part of Howard and Canon's Project Imagination. It's about siblings who encounter some scary scenarios as they renovate the house they grew up in. 

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Hutcherson not only stars in the film, he also helped cast and produce it. Malone says he's a natural as a filmmaker.

“It was nice to see Josh in a producing role because he’s like that on set. He’ll arrange outings. He’s very organized,” Malone said. “I was proud of him to see him going in that direction.”

Of course, the two will also appear together in the final installment of The Hunger GamesMockingjay -- Part 2, in theaters on Nov. 20.

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Malone knows the end will be bittersweet.

“The fans are so supportive and passionate. Even when I’m tired, jet lagged or sick, you walk on to the red carpet and they give you so much love. It’s really sweet," she said. "It’s more preparing to be sad."

Hutcherson also has mixed feelings about the end of the blockbuster saga.

“It’s sad to not be on set anymore with these people. We are all still really close friends,” he said. “At the same time, I’m excited to move onto the next thing. It’s been half a decade of my life on these movies.”

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And the next thing for Hutcherson may not even be films. For his birthday on Oct. 12, his mom bought him a turntable, which inspired him to go to DJing school. 

“That is my new hardcore hobby,” he said. “I’ve always loved music. I’m not a musician, but I have rhythm. Every party I have I’m always DJing and selecting the songs, making the playlists. I’ve always wanted to get into it.”

The Rusted is online now. 

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