Watch This 'Price Is Right' Model Fall and Break the Set (Because Everyone Loves a Game Show Blooper!)

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Being a Price Is Right model isn’t as easy as it looks.

While the contestants get to run around like maniacs in their homemade T-shirts whenever they win a washer-dryer set, the models must navigate the stage in towering high heels and tight dresses. It’s a recipe for disaster.

And on Friday, model Amber Lancaster met the most logical conclusion.

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Here’s the instant replay, if you need it:

“Everyone is fine, except the stage lights!” Price Is Right says in the video description. And we never actually thought anyone was hurt. Really, the best part is how the contestant, Leah, reacts, asking with such earnestness, “Did I do that?!?!”

No, Leah. You weren’t even close to the light. Enjoy your new four-wheeler.

Still not as bad as that time one of the models accidentally gave away a car:

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