Mila Kunis Would Help Bury a Body For Her Daughter: 'I Wouldn't Even Question It'

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Mila Kunis would do anything for her little girl -- including burying a body!

The Jupiter Ascending star made that bold claim to explain how her love for her 1-year-old daughter, Wyatt, is like no other.

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“I think if she killed someone, I would literally be like, ‘I got it. Where do you want me to help you bury the body?’” the 32-year-old actress told Business Insiderearlier this month. “I wouldn’t even question it, and I can’t say that about anybody else in my life.”

Note to self: never double cross Kunis or her tot.

The first time mom also spoke about a few other ways that having a child has changed her.

“Everything is different, from the fact that you’re happy when you get six hours of sleep, to the idea of being responsible for this incredible, living, breathing, little human being that you can’t believe is yours,” she said.

The That ‘70s Show alum wants to continue to grow her little family as well -- just not at this very moment.

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“I mean, not today. I’m not pregnant. This isn’t about to become a thing,” she explained when asked about more having more children. “Not today. But yeah, absolutely. For sure.”

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