Katy Perry Pens Touching Tribute to Late Makeup Artist Jake Bailey


Katy Perry is remembering her late friend, makeup artist Jake Bailey, after he was found dead from an apparent suicide at his Los Angeles home on Friday.

The “Dark Horse” singer took to Instagram on Friday to share a sweet and very detailed story about their friendship over the years.

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“Jake - My sweet, sensitive soul. What a wonderful journey and friendship we had together. What beautiful art we created together. We conquered the world’s biggest stages, together,” she began. “I know you felt life so intensely and it created this incredible artistic passion in you that came out in everything you touched, from the amazing images you took to the ways you painted your muses, highlighting the beauty in everyone.”

Perry also noted Bailey’s “otherworldly eye to detail” and thanked him for creating her “look” ever since the two met on the set of her “Hot N Cold” music video.

“We always confided in each other, rallied each other at our lows and pushed each other to be our best,” she added of her friend, who has also photographed her for various projects. “We never got comfortable and I know that was why we did the best work together.”

Perry, 30, finished the note by writing about some of her favorite moments with Bailey, including the times they would “tune out the noise” and take breaks from “Hollywood and the chaos that surrounds it” by meditating.

“I know sometimes it was hard to find consistent happiness here on this earth, I understand you in that way. I want you to know now finally and forevermore that I appreciate you and all the lessons we traded each other in this life. I love you,” she wrote. “No more work, no more searching, you are finally at peace. Every time I sit in that chair we shared, just know, no one holds a brush to you, friend. Be free now. My prayers are with the Bailey family.”

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In honor of Bailey, here’s a look back at some of the greatest beauty moments he created for the pop star over the years.

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The Los Angeles County Coroner's office confirmed that Bailey was found unconscious at his residence at 8:25 am on Friday. While an autopsy is still pending, officials are reporting the cause of death as a possible suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. To hear more on Bailey’s passing, watch the video below.

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