Kim Zolciak Shares Glam Post-Heart Surgery Selfie, Calls Procedure 'a Success'

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Kim Zolciak is on the mend.

The 37-year-old reality star Instagrammed a selfie from her hospital bed on Tuesday, letting her fans know that she's doing just fine after heart surgery.

"My ❤️ surgery was a success!!" Zolciak wrote next to the surprisingly glamorous shot. "I can't wait to be back on my feet 100%! Glad it's over! Quite the whirlwind this last month has been...but such a blessing too."

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The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star was eliminated from this season's Dancing With the Stars in September, after a mini-stroke prevented her from making it back in time for the competition. Earlier this month, she told Good Morning America's Michael Strahan that the stroke was actually a "blessing in disguise" because it brought to light a more serious condition -- a hole in her heart.

"The minor TIA [transient ischemic attack] revealed that I have a PFO [patent foramen ovale], a hole in my heart that never closed," the mother-of-six said.

Last week, she defended herself on Instagram after some speculated that her love of corset-style waist-trainers was a factor in her mini stroke.

"I have heard all sorts of ppl commenting on 'what might have caused my mini stroke,' let me be real clear, I am a very healthy woman who takes great care of myself, however I was born with PFO (a hole in my heart) which enabled a clot to cross over and stop oxygen to my brain for a very short time in turn causing me to have a TIA, I will be having heart surgery to repair it," she wrote. "By no means did my waist trainer cause my blood clot or my TIA. I would never use anything nor promote anything that I personally didn't love or something that was dangerous. I LOVE LIFE WAY TOO MUCH! and I have a whole lotta living to do."

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ET caught up with Zolciak in June, when she revealed that she wears her waist-trainer for five hours a day -- a practice she admitted makes her sweat "profusely." She also made it clear that she isn't afraid of the hidden dangers associated with waist-training. "I have not gotten a varicose vein, have not had acid reflux, not had any issues whatsoever," she said.

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