Heidi Klum Says Her Family Was Dealing With a 'Horrible' Lice Problem

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Heidi Klum doesn't know why Donald Trump was talking about her.

The Project Runway visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday where she reflected on Donald Trump saying she's "not a 10" back in August.

"What do I have to do with any of this?" Klum asked about Trump's comments, speculating that he may be concerned with her attractiveness. "I guess because now I’m 42."

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"All I have to say. May the best woman win,” she added, making a dig at Trump and sort of endorsing Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, the model and TV host has had bigger problems than presidential hopefuls lately: lice! Klum told DeGeneres that the tiny creatures make for a truly "horrible" experience in your home.

Klum explained that "my daughter was itching and then she had to go to the nurse and then they looked and sure enough they found a little egg and I mean they’re beyond small so we had the lice fairies come over to our house," she said, revealing that this is actually the "second time" her family has dealt with this nuisance!

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"Do you bathe?" Ellen jokingly asked, to which Klum responded, "Yeah, of course we do!"

It wasn't all about Trump and lice however. Klum and DeGeneres also stuffed their bras for charity! Watch the hilarious video below.