3 Questions We Still Have About Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez's Split

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Halle Berry's third divorce might be her strangest split yet.

The Oscar winner filed divorce papers on Monday just before her estranged husband, Olivier Martinez, did, beating him to the punch. But aside from the race to the courtroom, there were some other unusual things about the divorce filings.

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1. Who's Hal?

"Halle Berry filed her divorce papers on Monday under the fake name of Hal Maria," divorce attorney Nancy Chemtob told ET. "Hal of course is short for Halle, and Maria is her middle name. She did this most probably so that it wouldn't be leaked to the press and it would be anonymous. Halle also shortened her husband's name from Olivier Martinez to Oliver Martin."

2. How Many Times Can One Couple File for Divorce?

Berry actually filed twice -- once on Monday, under an alias, and again on Wednesday, this time with her and Martinez’s real names. It appears that in the mad dash to file the documents, the Extant star made a misstep, which could have been the reason she filed a second time.

"Under California law, Halle needed to have a third party serve her husband, and she did not do that properly," Chemtob said. "She served him herself on Monday."

Martinez filed his own divorce papers on Tuesday. Both filings cite irreconcilable differences and list the date of separation as Oct. 26, but one difference is the issue of spousal support. While Berry asks for no spousal support for either party, Martinez requests that
it be decided later.

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3. Why Are They Breaking Up?

The former couple has stayed tight-lipped on the reason behind the split, but some are speculating that their fiery personalities had something to do with it.

Martinez and Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, got into a fistfight on Thanksgiving Day in 2012, leaving Aubry with a black eye.

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Berry and Martinez are being sued for $5 million after Martinez allegedly shoved an LAX employee with a car seat.

And in 2012, Berry gave paparazzi a tongue lashing for stepping onto the property of her daughter Nahla's school. In August 2013, Berry testified before the Assembly Judiciary Committee at the California State Capitol in support of a bill aimed at keeping paparazzi away from the children of celebrities. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill into law in September 2013.