EXCLUSIVE: Kate Winslet on Turning 40: 'I Want to Celebrate Who I Am'

Gotham Magazine

After being a leading lady for almost two decades, Kate Winslet is ready to move her career in a new direction.

The Steve Jobs star, who turned 40 on Oct. 5, is Gotham’s November cover girl, and she told the magazine that she’s looking forward to taking on roles that allow her to not only stretch her acting ability but also represent strong women.

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“I am definitely moving away from playing a certain type of character: women who were trapped, women who were stuck, women who were looking for a way out,” she said.

After all, it has been nearly 18 years since a then 22-year-old Winslet became a household name by playing a character that fits that description very well in the megahit, Titanic.

A big reason for the itch to dig deeper into other roles may be because of the mom of three’s most recent birthday, which she’s proudly celebrating. “I want to go rocketing towards 40. I really do,” she said. “I want to celebrate who I am, what I’ve learned, how hard I’ve worked, and how much more I’ve still got in me.”

The British actress -- who looks gorgeous and ready for winter as she sits against a gray-hued backdrop in a red coat on the Gotham cover -- has completed much of her hard work alongside some pretty hunky fellas, including her most recent, Steve Jobs co-star Michael Fassbender.

Gotham Magazine

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“He doesn’t have an ego at all, and he really is the most professional actor I think I’ve ever worked with,” Winslet said of the 38-year-old actor. “I tell you, that boy, he just got on with it. In a funny kind of way, Michael and I are cut from the same cloth. We have the same sensibility, fairly similar upbringings -- stumbling into acting quite young, learning on the job -- so we really just understood each other -- just like I think Steve and Joanna did -- which was very, very fortunate.”

We’re just as fortunate that both stars stumbled upon acting!

Watch the video below to find out why Fassbender was intimidated by Winslet in Steve Jobs.