EXCLUSIVE: George Clooney Shoots His First U.S. Commercial -- Go Behind the Scenes!

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George Clooney is all about the espresso.

The actor has teamed up with Nespresso coffee to film his first ever U.S. commercial in which he'll actually appear, as he's done plenty of voiceovers Stateside.

ET caught up with Clooney on set, where he shared some hilarious behind-the-scenes secrets from working on the commercial with his close friend and fellow actor, Danny Devito.

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"We have drunk wine together, we've had sushi together, we've gone to the art gallery," Clooney revealed to ET.

"We had a great time, doing a lot of stuff," Devito added. "We had a lot of fun on that and we always have fun whenever we are together."

Clooney chimed in again, revealing details about the outfits the two had to sport for the ads that will begin airing in November, which you can view below:

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"One of us was dressed as a dictator. I don't want to point fingers, but…," he said, pointing to Devito.

"I got that part because of the hat," Devito explained. "It fit me, it didn't fit him."

This isn't Clooney's first time working with the coffee company, however. The 54-year-old actor has represented the Swiss brand internationally since 2006. Watch the videos below to see him deliver the brand's catch phrase -- "Nespresso. What else?" -- from commercials released in July 2006 and January 2012.

Devito and Clooney are longtime friends, and have never been shy about their bond, especially when it comes to drinking.

"We end up on the front of the [New York] Post every time we hang out so we have to be really careful," Clooney told ET back in March. Their drink of choice? Limoncello's!

Watch the video below to hear more on their epic friendship.