Ellen Explains How She Totally Inspired Adele's 'Hello' in Hilarious Spoof

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ever since the release of Adele’s latest heartbreaking anthem, "Hello," earlier this week, fans have been speculating about the song’s inspiration. Now, we may have our answer.

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In a hilarious spoof on her eponymous talk show on Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres "took a call" from the British songstress on an ancient cell phone, filling in the other half of the conversation in the song.

"The connection’s bad, did you say you’re eating beets?" DeGeneres asks, munching on potato chips as she struggles to understand the crooner.

"It might be easier to hear you if you stop playing that piano," she offers at one point.

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When the British crooner takes too long, Ellen has to take a call on the other line. Hilariously, it’s Drake, declaring that Ellen "used to call me on my cell phone."

"I have been so busy," she apologizes to the rapper. "I’ve been meaning to call, I have."

When both pop stars leave her hanging, Ellen takes one final call, and it’s a blast from the past, Lionel Richie, singing his ballad "Hello," which eager fans have already mashed up with Adele’s hit.

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"I was so amazed. Everyone said, 'Lionel, Adele is doing your song Hello,' and I said, 'No she's not,' and all of a sudden I heard 'Hello,'" Richie told DuJour at a celebration for the singer’s home decor collection on Wednesday.

"Even though she didn't cover the song, [just] the word Hello, automatically everyone called me on the phone and said 'she used Hello,' and I said, 'Well, I kind of own Hello,'" Richie continued. "But not to the point where it's any kind of problem. I'll loan 'Hello' to Adele."

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