This 'Golden Girls' Parody, 'Golden Ghouls,' Will Make Your Halloween


Turns out, when you make Golden Girls a show about four monsters living under one roof, it's just as charming.

YouTube channel Creature is celebrating Halloween and the 30th anniversary of the beloved sitcom with the parody, The Golden Ghouls. In the spot-on spoof, Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia are now Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, the Mummy and Wolf Man, respectively.

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Just like Sophia on Golden Girls, Wolf Man has some great zingers. "A werewolf, me? No way, Jose. Everyone in Sicily looks like this," the monster quips. "You'll never see an American werewolf in Italy. Literally, it'll blend in."

Another great line from Wolf Man is when Mummy, who's a dead ringer for Blanche, brags about her date. "I haven't seen bandages that tight since Kris Jenner's last face lift," Wolf Man touts.

Even the show's famous theme song gets a clever twist with the line, "Thank you for being a fiend."

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As the video encourages, "Come out on the lanai …if you dare!"

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