Sandra Bullock Reportedly Taking Over George Clooney's Role in All-Female 'Ocean's Eleven'

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Maybe Sandra Bullock is going to gender-swap George Clooney’s entire IMDb?

The actress currently stars in Our Brand Is Crisis, in a role that was originally written for Clooney. Now, she is rumored to be taking over his part in an all-female Ocean’s Eleven reboot, Variety first reported.

Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) is set to direct the film and, honestly, you didn’t think we would let an opportunity like this go by without some dream casting, did you?

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Jennifer Aniston in the Brad Pitt Role

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The obvious Pitt counterpart is Angelina Jolie. But we don’t think that would work here. Anyway, it would be far more interesting seeing Anison play the cool guy.

Jessica Chastain in the Matt Damon Role

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Maybe it’s because they've appeared in two movies together -- Interstellar and The Martian -- but our brain immediately leapt to Chastain to play the capable underdog.

Monica Bellucci in the Andy Garcia Role

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We actually could see Jolie as the slick, ruthless casino owner. (And opposite Aniston? What a treat that would be!) That said, a far more realistic option is Belluci. Salma Hayek could be good too.

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Taraji P. Henson in the Don Cheadle Role

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Henson steals every single scene she’s in on Empire -- and probably some scenes she’s not in -- so we can’t think of anyone better to play the loose-cannon ammunition expert.

Leslie Jones in the Bernie Mac Role

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The Saturday Night Live star will be in-demand after the all-female Ghostbusters reboot hits theaters, and she has the perfect comedic sensibilities to fill the hole left by the late Mac.

George Clooney in the Julia Roberts Role

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That’s just the start. We cannot wait to see who they cast for Elliott Gould.

Now, check out shots from Sandra’s date night with boyfriend Bryan Randall: