Kylie Jenner Appears as Zombie in New Tyga Music Video

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Kylie Jenner changed up her looks once again, but a wig isn’t even the half of it this time!

The 18-year-old reality star appears in the latest music video from her boyfriend, Tyga, for his new single, “Dope’d Up.” The video dropped Friday, just in time for Halloween -- which is appropriate, because it may just give you nightmares!

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The video opens with the real-life couple riding in the back seat of a Rolls Royce, talking about the scary movie they just watched. The duo, decked out in matching “T” and “K” letterman jackets, find themselves stuck in the middle of a haunted warehouse after the car’s driver is eaten by a zombie.

Clowns, knives covered in blood and scary children chase the two young stars until eventually they too are devoured by zombies. Luckily, it all turns out to be a scary dream for the 25-year-old rapper -- that is, until Jenner turns into a zombie and lunges at the camera.

The couple was spotted filming the video in early October, and it’s actually the second one Jenner has starred in alongside Tyga. In August, she joined forces with the rapper for the PDA-packed video, “Stimulated.”

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Although Jenner gave up her usual glam look for the clip, it doesn’t mean you have to -- even for Halloween. Get beauty tips from the Keeping up with the Kardashians star in the video below.

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