Conservationist Ashlan Gorse Cousteau Explains the Myths of Rhino Horns in 'Treasures of the Terai'

Find out more about anti-poaching techniques and wildlife conservation in this three-part series from the conservation group TakePart.

One of the biggest threats to the world's wildlife, and endangered animals in particular, is the black market of animal poaching. While many animals' numbers are dwindling and some are on the brink of extinction, not all hope is lost. has teamed up with Philippe Cousteau -- grandson of famed conservationist Jacques Cousteau -- and his wife, veteran reporter and ET special correspondent Ashlan Gorse Cousteau, for the amazing video series Treasures of  the Terai.

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In this clip from the eye-opening series, Ashlan explains the insane reasons people kill rhinos for their horns -- which include the wide-spread, ridiculous myths that rhino horns have medicinal properties, can cure hangovers and are an aphrodisiac.

The three-part series focuses on wildlife conversation efforts in the Terai region of Napal, and aims to bring attention to the area's successful anti-poaching strategy which could be a model for countries across the globe.

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