Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Jay Z Dress Up in Matching 'Coming to America' Costumes


Beyonce's family was inspired by a classic '80s movie this Halloween.

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Bey, Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy all portrayed characters from the iconic 1988 comedy, Coming to America. The R-rated movie starred Eddie Murphy as an African prince who travels to Queens, New York to find a wife.

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On Sunday, Beyonce posted a pic of herself donning Queen Aoleon' garbs and Jay Z dressed up as Prince Akeem -- complete with the amazing mustache! As for Blue Ivy, she portrayed the love interest in the movie, Lisa McDowell.

While Blue looked adorable in her costume, we think she liked the candy that comes with came with the holiday more. Beyonce posted a pic of her little girl thoroughly enjoying a lollipop.

This is the second impressive costume Beyonce has worn this Halloween season. For Ciara's superhero-themed birthday party, she went as Storm from X-Men.

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Check out her spot-on, sexy costume:

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