Ariana Grande Expertly Shuts Down Sexist Questions: 'You Need a Little Brushing Up on Equality'



Ariana Grande is out there scoring points for gender equality!

The Focus singer appeared on Oakland's Power 106 radio show last week, where she handled a sadly, pretty typical set of sexist questions, and made it look easy!

"If you could use makeup or your phone one last time which one would you pick," the 22-year-old was asked, answering, "Is this what you think girls have trouble choosing between?"

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In another part of the discussion, Grande mentions not needing her phone because she likes to be present and attentive at a dinner table, to which one of the radio hosts responds, "Ladies, learn!"

Without missing a beat, the singer fires back, "Boys, learn."

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Another point of contention in the interview was whether boys can enjoy the unicorn emoji, as one host just couldn't see it. "You need a little brushing up on equality over here," Grande says.

In the end, the hosts agree that misogyny and racism are two important issues that need to be addressed, and Grande answers to one host, "We'll start with you."

A YouTube user uploaded highlights from the interview, which you can watch below.

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Meanwhile, Grande's entire "Focus" at the moment is on her new record. ET caught up with the singer last week, where she told us what to expect.

"I feel like ['Focus' is] the perfect transition record from the last album to the new album, because it sounds like 'Problem 2.0,'" she says. "It sounds like the goodbye to the last album and hello to the new album."

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Watch the video below.