EXCLUSIVE: Hook and Emma Exchange 'I Love You's (and a Ring!) in This 'Once Upon a Time' Sneak Peek

What you're about to watch is the Holy Grail of Once Upon a Time sneak peeks -- especially if you're a fan of Hook and Emma.

Alright, Oncers – listen up!

What you're about to watch is the Holy Grail of Once Upon a Time sneak peeks -- especially if you're a fan of Hook and Emma. (Let the fangirling freak-outs begin!)

Before you start to hyperventilate, just remember we've been training for this and you know the drill: Watch it in a quiet space so your happy screams and tears don't disturb others. Breathe, just breathe. And, most importantly, GIF every damn moment of this clip because there's an infinite amount of swoon-worthy moments.

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In this unbelievably precious Camelot flashback, Emma is about to embark on the quest to put Excalibur back together, and she reveals her latest plan to Killian: "We go get this spark thing, and then I'm working my way back to you, babe," she says with a smile.

(Alright, admit it: You Captain Swan fans are hysterically squealing a little bit right now, aren't you?)

After a heart-meltingly sweet "be careful" kiss, Killian pulls a chain from around his neck. Then -- in true commitment-phobic Emma fashion -- our heroine starts to panic in the most adorable way possible.

"Calm down, Swan. I'm not proposing," Hook says (much to our disappointment) in response to Emma's four "Whoa"s.

"You know I'm a survivor," he softly tells her. "This ring is why. I've had it for many years, it's the reason I'm alive – or it could be, who knows?"

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When Emma points out that the only plus side to being the Dark One is being immortal, Hook is quick to correct her. "The Dark One is immortal. Emma isn’t -- Bring her home to me," he says.

"At the very least," Hook adds with a swoon-worthy smirk, "It's a reminder that you've got a piercing-eyed, smoldering pirate here who loves you." (Who else can't breathe anymore?!)

"Thank you," whispers Emma. "I love you too."

And if this scene didn't already make you scream with delight, the boyish look of happiness on Hook's face at this moment certainly will.

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