'The Originals' Boss Spills on Klaus' 'Sexy' Reunion With His 'Ex-Girlfriend From Hell'

The CW

Even after 1,000 years a part, seeing the first girl who crushed your heart is a bloody nightmare.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what Klaus had to endure when Aurora sauntered back into his life on tonight's all-new episode of The Originals.

But don’t let those gorgeous eyes and flawless cheekbones fool you! Executive producer Michael Narducci warns that Aurora is truly a terror.

"She slaughtered a monastery full of monks, dove off a cliff, poisoned the one prognosticating witch who was the key to deciphering the prophecy," Narducci ranted to a small room full of reporters.

"And now, she's showing up to get into all kinds of trouble, assuming that Klaus will want to see her even though they broke up 1,000 years ago."

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"She's kind of like the ex-girlfriend from hell," The Originals boss added with a laugh. "She sounds perfect for Klaus."

Now that we know that it was Elijah's fault -- via his fist compel spell -- that Aurora and Klaus were torn apart, the relationship between the Mikaelson brothers is shattered, once again.


"Interestingly enough, we've found out that there's a great sin from Elijah's past," Narducci said. "Maybe Elijah has stood by Klaus' side for all these centuries due to a sense of guilt for something that he did. Maybe the noble, beautiful, honorable Elijah has some flaws or chinks in his armor."

The showrunner warned that things are about to get "very complicated" between Klaus and Elijah. "They need to stand together because what's coming at them is far worse than each of them are to one another," he said.

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So what can fans expect now that Klaus' first love is wandering the streets of NOLA? Get ready for some heated conversations -- and kisses! -- between the long lost twosome.

"[In episode six,] we also see part two of the reunion between Klaus and Aurora and how their relationship will evolve in the now," Narducci said. "And it ends with the single most frightening combination of romance and fear that I think we have ever put on screen."

"It is the most chilling, and the most romantic, and the most sexy, but the most horrifying ending we've ever done at the end of [an] episode," Narducci continued. "We get to see basically everyone we care about and everyone we love put in extreme situations of jeopardy."

The Originals airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.