EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears Shows Off Her Sexy Dance Moves on 'Jane the Virgin' -- But Rogelio is Pissed!

It's Britney (on 'Jane the Virgin'!), bitch.

It's Britney (on Jane the Virgin!), bitch.

That's right, y'all. The one and only Britney Spears is finally making her CW debut -- and only ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek of her incredible dance duet with star Gina Rodriguez!

When Jane spots Britney checking into the Marbella on Monday's all-new episode, the two pretty girls immediately jump into a perfectly choreographed routine to Spears' smash 2004 single, "Toxic."

Needless to say, their impromptu performance is absolutely on point, and it's made even better thanks to a classic telenovela twist.

WATCH: 'Jane the Virgin' Star Gina Rodriguez Talks Britney Spears' Debut

Rodriguez, who is one of the biggest Britney fans out there, gushed about this musical moment to ET at the Emmys. "You're going to get a [musical] moment," the star spilled. "It's going to change my memories of life forever."

"She's such a fan of the show," Rodriguez said. "She's so much love, and I'm so, so stoked to have her a part of the family."

Unfortunately, there's one member of the Jane the Virgin family who is not so happy to see the Queen of Pop in Miami. Rogelio is completely outraged to learn that his nemesis is in town, and now we have the exclusive scene explaining why!

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In our first look video, Rogelio heatedly explains to Xiomara his deep dark history with the singer – including how he inspired two of her biggest career moments!

"We happen to be in a little bit of a feud," Rogelio exclaims. "A big feud actually! I don’t know why I'm downplaying it. I'm done protecting Britney Spears."

"The point is, we were close until she betrayed me," Rogelio lashed. "But now Britney is here and she can no longer avoid me!"

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.